PhotographerPaul Eng
PrizePortraiture / Culture
Entry Description

In the 1950's America, a genre of music was created that crossed rock -n- roll and hillbilly music. That genre was called Rockabilly. Along with the genre of music also came a style of dress that has endured as a subculture until today. This style is pure Americana and iconic. The 1950's were also a time when America and Russia (then the Soviet Union) were at the height of Cold War and tensions were high. So the obvious contrast and contradictions are what makes this project of the small Rockabilly subculture in Moscow, Russia unique. It�s in the historical perspective that the blending of these iconic ideals makes this group of people more special. Especially now that the crossing of physical and cultural borders have transcended idealogical borders.

About Photographer

Paul Eng was born and raised in New York. At an early age, he learned the craft of photography from a neighborhood mentor. With New York City being the backdrop of his development, sophistication and street education came hand in hand. This melding of the two opposites shows it's influence in his work, full of cynicism yet elegant. Originally trained as an architect, he worked as an architectural designer, then shifted his focus to music. He performed and recorded with various bands in New York and is credited on several records. Further creative pursuits led him to design, art direction and advertising, where he worked for over 10 years. These experiences have given him a well rounded vision in which he now creates photographs grounded in higher thought and emotions. He currently lives and works between Moscow, Russia and New York City.