PhotographerToshifumi Taniuchi
PrizePortraiture / Family
Entry Description

Every foreigner who visits this Uyghur Autonomous Region during the colorless winter ask themselves, “How can they make a living here?” The people have lived their humble lives here for over a thousand years, ecologically eating their own vegetables and cattle breeding, not harming the land. This series depicts a life of a certain Uyghur family - a father, mother, daughter and grandson - who never smiled - creating a great impact within me.

About Photographer

1986 - Graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University, Faculty of Engineering. 1988 - Became a professional photographer, specializing in commercial photography, focused mainly on editorials, fashion and advertisement. 2006 - Exhibition at the Leica Gallery in Solms Germany, exhibiting "Polarization", the works of his hometown Hokkaido, Japan, chosen by Leica for their Photographic Diary. 2010 - Exhibition of the Uyghur related works, "Lineage" at Gt Moo Gallery in Niigata, Japan. 2011 - Exhibition of the Uyghur related works, "Lineage" at Nitehi Works in Yokohama, Japan.