Ben Huh

CompanyRedux Pictures
PhotographerKenneth Hughes
PrizePortraiture / Personality
Entry Description

Ben Huh is an "Internet celebrity" and the CEO and founder of the Cheezburger Network, which is the largest online humor network in the world. They run 50 hilarious blogs including I Can Has Cheezburger, Fail Blog, There I Fixed It, Failbook, Engrish Funny... The first blog in the network was I Can Has Cheezburger which is a website dedicated to weird pictures of catâ??s with pidgin-English captions. Ironic, because Ben is super allergic to cats, and even more amazing he was willing to do this shoot. Not many CEO's or anyone for that matter would be up for getting burried in kitty litter. Ben is quickly poping up in many lists as one of the top CEO's and people to watch.