PhotographerEduardo Solis
PrizePortraiture / Other_P
Entry Description

Párvulo, of Latin, parvulus, dim. Parvus, small or of short age. These images are part of a series call Parvŭlus (Work in Process). The athletes are part of a sports education institution and academic, is a public school in Mexico City called the National Center for Talent Development and High Performance Sports, a place south of City. Applicants must have physical special attributes and morpho-functionals, with a view to future World Competition and Olympic Games in the discipline that practical.

About Photographer

I was born in the Federal District (Mexico City), in December 1980. I live and work in Mexico City. He has Bachelor of Science in Communication and a variety of photography courses in Mexico City. His primary interest is the portrait, of different groups and social, cultural, traditional, ethnic, sex, ideological, artistic, sports, etc. Only with a single purpose, to show people that lives in this Great City.