Chimeric Face

PhotographerJesco Tscholitsch
PrizePortraiture / Children
Entry Description

CHIMERIC FACE   The girls gain aloofness because of the mirroring of the picture and the faked brightness in  their eyes. They look like wax figures without any energy. What has a child to do, what is it  free to do and what will be expected in the future?

About Photographer

Jesco Tscholitsch was born on September 26th in 1973. His mother is an artist, his father a carpenter and his sister a designer of textile. After primary school, he worked as an assistant of James G. Perret and then as an operator at a cinema. He has also worked eight years as an editor of a newspaper. Now Jesco is tracking his own projects for exhibitions and is working as a photographer for Getty Images in London and for Veer in Berlin. He concentrates on observing the generation of consumption. He lives with his wife Moni and his two daughters Jakobina and Ida in Emmenbruecke, Switzerland. “The viewer should see his dreams, dark sides or felicity in my photography. The stories in my pictures are every-day life stories but the protagonists are styled in high gloss. The borders of reality and the dream world are blurred. The reality creates association and identification where the artificial keeps the required distance. In our business life we’re looking for reality but in our leisure time we prefer the illusory world. I want to dive into these two worlds and find the tragedy and humor to illustrate it.”