Education of Tibetan Village

PhotographerLIU HUA
PrizePortraiture / Children
Entry Description

A Isolated Tibetan village called "Mosca", It is located in Danba Ganzi Prefecture Sichuan china. (4300 meters above sea level) . There is no electric light, away from the city. As new roads and new towns are being built into the tradition Tibetan mountains�¯�¼?The villagers here still maintained the original way of life. Divided into large and small two classes of simple rimary school is only about 30 children. The desire of tibetan villagers who make children acquire knowledge, No less than a modern metropolis. The natural light from the sky of plateau Illuminate the classroom, it is the light of temple that childrens access to knowledge.

About Photographer

LiuHua,ChongQing,China. Signed a contract of Getty Image contributor. PX3 2010 - Gold Winner - Family Category. PX3 2015 - Bronze Winner - Wildlife Category. Honorable Mention Recipients of PX3 2011,2014,2015 Competition. Honorable Mention Recipients of IPA 2013,2014,2015 Competition.