Igualada Cemetery

CompanyDavid Cabrera Photography
PhotographerDavid Cabrera
PrizeAdvertising / Architecture
Entry Description

Miralles and Pinós were concerned, not just to design a cemetery, but to explore poetic ideas regarding the acceptance of the cycle of life to enable a link between the past, the present, and the future.[2] The project is conceived, in part, as an earthwork that transforms the surrounding landscape and also, in part, as a metaphor for the river of life. A processional "street" descends from the entrance, where crossed, rusting, steel poles doubling as gates and likened to the crosses at Calvary,[3] proclaim the start of a winding pathway towards the burial area. The route is lined with repeatable concrete loculi forming retaining walls and the floor of the path has railway sleepers set into its concrete surface.[1] The intention was to bring the bereaved down into the landscape to a 'city of the dead', an in between place where the dead and the living are brought closer together. The spaces are designed to provoke thoughts and memories.

About Photographer

David Cabrera is a photographer from the Canary Islands based in London and trained in Barcelona. After two years in the Spanish Navy Marines, he started as a press photographer in a local newspaper and soon after moved on to sports photography for a national paper where he worked for the next 3 following years. His interest in photography moved him to Barcelona where he studied a degree in Photography at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC). Is during this time where he developed his passion for architecture photography. In 2009 he does a long-term project in the Cemetery Park in Igualada (Miralles-Pinos). That year he obtained a grant from Liceu Foundation to photograph the 2009-10 Opera Season and a solo exhibition. He also worked as associate professor teaching photography at UPC (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya) and at Grisart Photography School in Barcelona. David has been twice Junior Finalist in the Lux Photography Awards (Spain). Since 2010 David has worked in assignments for architecture, interior and editorial firms.