Burundi, December 2007

PhotographerAlyssa Banta
PrizeBronze in Photojournalism / War
Entry Description

Banta01Burundi: Elementary school students wait in line for their serving of NGO-sponsored food at the École Primer du Gakome in Gakome, Burundi. As one of the world’s poorest countries, Burundi still struggles to recover from its 1994 genocide, making malnutrition an enormous national concern. Banta02Burundi: Students at the École Primaire du Gamcom in Gacom, Burundi receive their most nutritious and calorie-dense meal of the day. The WFP-donated beans are prepared and distributed by parent cooking teams organized by International Medical Corps. Banta03Burundi: A simple, four-walled Burundian house in the country’s lush northwestern countryside Banta04Burundi: A nurse reviews the progress of a malnourished child at the Kirundo Santé Nutrition center in Kirundo, Burundi. Banta05Burundi: Mothers hold out pieces of paper specifying their baby’s required food intake as a nutritionist pours out protein-and-vitamin-fortified milk at a feeding center for malnourished children run by International Medical Corps in northwestern Burundi.

About Photographer

I am a freelance conflict photographer based in Texas and have covered wars in Asia and Africa for international magazines and NGOs since January 2001. I’ve won prizes for my work and have been widely exhibited. My specific interest is in the periphery of war and the lives that are affected by conflict.