Where the Jihad Lives Now

PhotographerBertrand Meunier-Tendance Floue for Newsweek
PrizeSilver in Photojournalism / General News
Entry Description

Pakistan: Where the Jihad Lives Now Moments in Pakistan that powerfully detail the subtle and frightening dimensions of a country that is slowly unraveling.

About Photographer

Cristina Vatielli was born in Rome in 1983. She studied History of Arts and then graduated at the Roman School of Photography. She began working in the photographic field as an assistant, specializing in images post-production. Her works deals especially with social and historical issues. Since April 2006 she has been working on a long-term photographic project, the "Memory of the Civil Wars" and has begun to collaborate with Prospekt photoagency. In 2007 she was selected to participate to Masterclass Reflexions with Giorgia Fiorio and she won WinePhoto International Photographic Contest.