Weekend Warriors

PhotographerChris McGrath
PrizeSilver in Photojournalism / Sports
Entry Description

For the past 10 years SKIRMISH USA has held the largest paintball tournaments in the world. Three times a year thousands of weekend warriors descend on a 700 acre patch of land in the small town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania to take part in three massive re-enactments of the “Battle For Berlin”, the “Siege of Stalingrad” and the “Invasion of Normandy” which this year attracted a world record of 4,320 players on the field at once.

About Photographer

Chris is an Australian born photographer currently based in New York City. Chris' photography career began in 1997 at the age of eighteen after taking a cadet photographers position with the Sunshine Coast Daily, a regional newspaper in Queensland, Australia. In 2001 after completing his three year cadetship and Diploma of Photography from CSIT TAFE College, Chris moved to Sydney to take a staff position with Getty Images. Chris continues to work for Getty Images and for the past seven years has traveled extensively around the world covering major news and sports assignments some of which include, the Asian Tsunami aftermath, the 2004 Athens Olympics and 2000 Sydney Olympics and Paralympics,The Commonwealth Games, The US Open Championship, Australian Fashion Week, 2003 Rugby World Cup, the US Open Grand Slam and Australian Open Grand Slam. In 2005 he was selected to exhibit work in Australia's premier photojournalism festival "Reportage" His work during the tsunami aftermath was also exhibited at Sydney's Mori Gallery as part of a collaborative exhibition to raise money for tsunami survivors worldwide.