Niger Delta Slaughter

PhotographerEd Kashi
PrizeSilver in Photojournalism / Feature Story
Entry Description

The Trans Amadi Slaughter is the largest abattoir in the Niger Delta. Thousands of animals a day are killed, roasted, cut up and prepared for consumption throughout the delta. With the pollution and environmental degradation that the oil industry brought to the delta, fishing stocks have been depleted significantly. This essay reveals the unhealthy and environmentally unsound practices that have developed within this vital source of protein and sustenance for the people of the Niger Delta.

About Photographer

Ed Kashi has dedicated his photographic career to documenting the social and political issues that define our times. Kashi, with a degree in photojournalism from Syracuse University, has been photographing professionally since 1979. Edís collaboration with National Geographic, among other publications, has produced a growing body of work on the modern Middle-East. In December 2002, Kashi and his wife Julie Winokur founded Talking Eyes Media, a non-profit educational multimedia company that explores social issues through visually compelling materials.