Mountaineers Series

PhotographerMarc Pagani
PrizeGold in Photojournalism / Sports
Entry Description

These are a series of images from Nepal, Iceland, Argentina, and France all involving mountaineers in their element

About Photographer

The images I shoot are captured as they occurred. I am not a big fan of posing people or creating events. My goal in showing my images is to transport you to a place you have never been or to help you see something you have seen 100 times in a different way. I'm completely self-taught when it comes to photography, but my background as a Music Therapist working with sexually and physically abused kids and my education towards a Master's in Counseling Psychology has helped shape my world view. I feel it is important to show that there is a big world out there and when as Americans, we are feeling like it's our way or the highway, it's important to remind ourselves that someone 3,000 miles away does happiness, laughter, hope, sadness, anger, and pain too...they just do it in a different language wearing different clothes or by praying to a different spirit.