Living Statue, Prague

PhotographerGerard Kingma
PrizeBronze in Photojournalism / Performing Arts
Entry Description

Living Statue, a performer in the streets of Prague, Czech Republic. He blends in well into the background.

About Photographer

To me, landscape photography is a process in which I try to define what sets a particular landscape apart from others. Snapping away, changing my viewpoint, I single out the elements that make this landscape unique and frame them carefully in my viewfinder. I leave out all the other elements that detract from what the landscape is about. Framing and composition, rather than a bag of expensive lenses, are my most valuable tools. To capture the essence of a particular landscape, I use various tools and techniques. Sometimes I feel the need to register each and every drop of water and blade of grass, so use a 4x5" large format camera and make large prints. At other times I feel all that detail merely distracts from the emotional impact of the landscape, and then I use camera movements or throw the image out of focus in order to capture only the mood and nothing else. For more information about my latest workshops, exhibitions and fine-art prints, please visit my website at