Entry Title: "Yin/Yang"
Robbert Wijtman
, United States
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

My assigned photo position at the 2016 Freestyle Wrestling World
Cup, was between a coach, who moved a lot, and an NBC camera
crew, who moved a lot. After dancing with the grip, to keep out of
each others way, on the first day, I moved to the far side of the
mat and stood on a platform, the second day. I saw the Photo
Marshal walk over to me and thought "Oh well, I will move back".
He asked how are you doing and did I like the new position better?
I said " Great, Thanks". Just then I saw movement out of the corner
of my eye and caught this image. Representing how fate and luck
play a large role in photography by revealing an almost perfect
Yin/Yang as the Mongolian threw the Hungarian for 4 points.

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