Entry Title: "THE PRESIDENT"
BABAK MANI (Babak Aliasgharian)
, France
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Entry Description:

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, served as the fifth President of Iran, for two terms, from 3 August 1997 to 3 August 2005.
He captured almost 70% of the vote (20 million) in presidential election.

In recent years the Iranian media were forbidden from publishing pictures of Khatami.
At last since first of this New Year 2016 by publishing photos of him in Iranian media, forbidden photos of him ended.

I took photos of Iranian artists & celebrities in my private atelier. So, these photos of the ex-president were related to that project, considering to the rules in Iran never displayed anywhere until now (In May 2016 for the first time).

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About the Artist:

Babak Mani born in Iran in 1981, he is based in Paris. Grandfather & his family were Photographer, Babak worked beside his studies since 10 in an old photo studio. In his twentieth, he took portraits of Iranian Artists and Celebrities in his private Atelier for different fields of work. His portraits selected for a book that published in 2009. In that time Babak's photos of Celebrities used for most of cover of Magazines and several Cover of Artist's Books, Music Albums and also displayed as Advertising Billboards in his country. Since 2015 he decides to photography of people and different cultures around the world.