Beelitz Sanatorium Documentary

CompanyMario Basner Photography
PhotographerMario Basner
PrizeBronze in Fine Art / Architecture_FA
Entry Description

The Beelitz Documentary Series is a comprehensive image collection of the abandoned Beelitz Heilst├Ątten Sanatorium in Germany. The project is fully sanctioned by the property's owner and documents the final state of decay before the buildings underwent a re- utilization and remodel process shortly after the images were taken. All traces of history were painted over. The main objective of the photographs is to show the grandeur of the 18th century architecture and the beauty that remains in the structures, despite the decay. The buildings display an fascinating parallel to aging & decay and how it relates to human beings. While shooting, I found myself overwhelmed and humbled by the sights, what they represented and how applicable those things were to my own existence. The images are an invitation to a journey through this historic site, explore and engage, be stimulated by the vast history and personal stories within those walls.