Entry Title: "The Lions' Den"
Christopher Ruane
, United States
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

The web has been woven and we are caught in it. The work
uniquely puts the viewer in a precarious position. With the current
issues of perpetual war, mass exodus, and Christian Genocide the
world is now faced with many moral dilemmas. Do we look at the
image and say, take up arms, this could be me and mine; or do we
look at the image and say, this horrible existence that I fear is
happening right now to someone else.
Strikingly, This modern depiction is seen through the eyes of a
woman, honoring the many mothers and children who perhaps
suffer most in times of war and persecution. You see her clutching
the image of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus, while surrounded by what
seems to be impossible adversity.

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About the Artist:

Christopher Ruane is a master composite artist and photographer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who specializes in massive digital photomontages, sometimes with over 500 individual layers, each photographed separately. His work has been shown in The Carnegie Museum of Art and in many galleries both locally and across the United States. His work The Good Samaritan was the winner of the National Catholic Arts Exhibition at St Vincent College in 2012. In 2013 Christopher was featured in Whirl Magazine, The Catholic Accent and Catholic News Services.