Estonian Blacksmith(Inheritors of blacksmithing )

PhotographerJun Ishikura
PrizeBronze in Portraiture / Culture
Entry Description

I have been taking photos of Estonian blacksmiths for over three years. At first, I just took photos of them because of their intriguing style and their way of life. Their workshops were simply beautiful. After visiting Estonia a couple of times, I noticed how there were many blacksmiths in the country in ratio to their population. Then, I tried to figure out ‘how some cultures could be sustained in a society’ through the Estonian Blacksmith’s view point. I saw education as one of the key factors. The first step captures the scenes of how techniques of Blacksmiths are educated at schools and workshops.

About Photographer

Jun Ishikura is a photographer based in Japan. He captures a variety of sceneries through his camera lens. He usually researches the subjects to understand their background and history when he takes their photographs.