Entry Title: "Happy Pooch Face"
Alexandra Cearns
, Australia
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

I love to photograph dogs. They are my favourite animals and its safe
to say Im a crazy dog lady.
I photograph over 800 beloved pet dogs each year in my studio and on
my global travels, the natural focus of my lens is always the local dogs.
Nothing makes me smile more than spending time with dogs and
laughing at their zany, adorable antics, and they are the inspiration
behind my photography series, Happy Pooch Face.
To me, dogs are love and light. They are always joyous and give so
much back to us. They are our best friends and our loyal companions,
are always pleased to see us and happy for each day they get to spend
with us. They are pure of heart and just want to please.

I have been photographing happy pooch faces for the past 8 years
and they are a best seller with my clients.

About the Artist: