Entry Title: "series WAITING FOR THE CANDYMEN"
, Cuba
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

The series WAITING FOR THE CANDYMEN is portrait of Cuban ideysycratiy and a study of
waiting: Waiting the right moment, waiting for tomorrow, waiting forsomething or someone
who brings redemption - maybe

(candid / documentary photography / work in progress since 2014 / La Habana / ratio 3:2
/Color / all rights by KIRSTIN SCHMITT)

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About the Artist:

Documentary filmmaker and cinematographer, photographer / 2011-2014 teaching for the “Goethe-Institut Angola,“ the “Cefojor-Centro de Formação de Jornalistas” and „Lusíada University“ in Luanda, Angola STUDIES Cultural Anthropology & Central-American-Studies University Frankfurt M. and Hamburg / direction & cinematography (2.subject) at „Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg“ in Ludwigsburg, Germany / documentary filmmaking at „EICTV- Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión“ (Cuba) / 2014 MAGNUM Photos Paris, Workshop with Eli Reed / 2015 LEICA Photos, Masterclass with Bruces Gilden / 2016 Workshop OSTKREUZ Agency, Germany LANGUAGES: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese (basic) Works and lives between Havana and Berlin