Entry Title: "Twilight"
Fulvio Bugani
, Italy
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

Tusheti, an historic region in the northeastern part of Georgia, is
one of the most ecologically unspoiled territories in the Caucasus.
This area is dotted with small remote villages where only few
people live nowadays. The inaccessibility of the land preserved the
mysterious atmosphere of the place, which seems not to be
touched by modern conveniences: here electricity is a scarce
goods as well as running water in the houses.
Due to the tough living conditions a semi-nomadic lifestyle has
developed. Many Tush families began to move southwards from
Tusheti during the first half of the nineteenth century and settled
in the plains. Nevertheless every summer they still go back to their
old villages to pay homage to their ancestors. Traditionally, they
are sheep herders . Their life is quite spartan: simple and tough,
and the rhythm of their days is defined by the place that each one
occupies in society.

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About the Artist:

Fulvio Bugani is a freelance professional photographer with more then 15 year of experience. Born in 1974, he started working as a photographer in 1995. After a close collaboration with major photo studios of Bologna, he founded his own studio in 1999 – Foto Image. He actively collaborates with many associations and NGOs such as MSF (Medecins Sans Frontier) and Amnesty International. He teaches photography in his own private photographic school in Bologna, as well as in seminars an workshops.