PhotographerCarmine Flamminio
PrizeSilver in Fine Art / Abstract
Entry Description

The lives of men are different, but each is to be characterized by the uncertainty of the future. Everything flows quickly, leaving memories in the mind of man, superimpositions. They often occur at night during our nightmares. And I can do no more than draw through my photography.

About Photographer

I was born in the 1976 in Abruzzo region, center of Italy. Actually I live in Rome. Photography for the simple desire to do so. Hidden Instinct, through which I try to be more present in my universe. With my photography I live my instants and I draw on them personal line made of emotions and childhood amazement. I love portrait photography because it allows me to enter into contact with the watching world, making myself the subject of my photography. Through the reflections and shadows my presence becomes alive. I do not chase technological trends and the equipment I use is part of me and my picture: I know it well and during the shooting I fully trust it. I do by myself some items such as lights and reflectors according to my needs. Indeed, my only traveling companion is light. Natural light has always a fundamental role in my photos; I create additional lighting created through LEDs, unconventional sources or reflexes games. My photography is full of portraits of absent people: for instance, a portrait of a girl deported to Auschwitz through the image of her shoes and other items that belonged to her. I am in search of the image printed on objects and places, as well as on people. To me photography is an empty space to fill together with those who are watching it. Usually one expects that the photography is the image of Something, that behind a shooting there is a study of a place, a person or an event. In fact, my photographs do not always follow this scheme, but the image portrayed can be found on the border or even outside the frame. Even blurry images may have portrayed a person who is outside the box. Following Uta Barth's thinking, I want my photography to make gradually clear that we stand in front a sort of empty container: from that very moment the watcher starts projecting himself into space which is public and private at once.