Paepalanthus Galactic

PhotographerMarcio Cabral
PrizeGold in Nature / Landscape_N
Entry Description

The Paepalanthus is a rare wildflower found only in some parts of Cerrado Vegetation (Brazilian savanah). The mountains in the background are the Whale and Buraco hills. I used painted light in the foreground and waited for the best time to capture the arc of the Milky Way. These wildflowers are my favourite for astrophotography because they remind me of the blast of the Big Bang and their petals are white, like the stars.

About Photographer

Marcio is a landscape photographer based in Brasilia, Brazil. During his career, he has earned a well-deserved reputation for his prize-winning work, which has been published in a variety of travel and tourism magazines, as well as in books and guides featuring the sites of Brazil. He also creates unique panoramas and was the first Brazilian to produce an underwater spherical panorama. Today, Marcio is devoted to produce images for fine art prints and spherical panoramas. He also make workshops and photographic expeditions within Brazil and in neighboring countries. His panoramic images have been awarded and had Honorable Mentions in important competitions like Sony WPA, Maria Luiza, Oasis, Epson Panoawards and Loupe Awards