Straumur Art Center

ClientJohannes Frank
PhotographerJohannes Frank
PrizeBronze in Nature / Sunsets
Entry Description

Shoot near my home in Hafnarfjordur Iceland. The house on the image is called Straumur or stream. Stream is the name given because the house stands on the beach and when the sea is high tight and starts to flow out a strong stream forms on the beach. I was driving home and saw this soft and melting sunset forming so I shoot a few vertical shoot on my Nikon camera and at home I stitched them to this Panorama.

About Photographer

I am a self-taught photographer. I was born and raised in a small village in the Western Fjords of Iceland, and I believe that the mountains and the harsh landscape and weather I grew up with has had a big influence on my work. My knowledge of photography comes from reading books, shooting photographs, and learning from my mistakes; and my joy comes from making an image I am happy with. I have an immense passion for landscape photography, most especially shooting it in black and white. Unlike with color photography, the graphic quality of black and white gives me a wider range of delicate tones and detail, which allows me the freedom I need in many photos to tangibly express the landscape. Sometimes, my intention for a new photo can begin with an image I imagine, like an isolated or abandoned place. I then head out in search of this vision. Oftentimes, I will drive around and explore new areas, holding on to the hope of finding that one image I am aiming for in my mind. I am often trying to convey a soothing effect and simplicity in my landscape images, but I also want to express the power and drama that nature has, and how small humans and their things can be against Nature. Through my photographs, I hope to extend the feeling I have towards the landscape of my country. It brings me the most satisfaction when people tell me they want to visit a place I have shot just to see it with their own eyes. This response makes me feel like I have accomplished something.