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PhotographerJuergen Lechner Photography
PrizeSilver in Nature / Landscape_N
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Personal Data Born 1962 in Nuremberg, Germany Currently lives in Eckental, Germany 1985, A`Levels, then apprenticeship for photographic lab technician, then apprenticeship for photography. Since 1989 freelance photographer. Member of BBK in 2010. The BBK is the Federal Association of Artist of the Fine Arts in Germany. AWI member for over 15 years. In 2006 I decided to go back to the roots of photography, to rediscover pinhole photography with a â??Camera Obscuraâ?? â?? which has become my preferred means of taking photographs. I studied the works of different artists, including painters who influenced my current work. A good photograph takes time, I often visit places several times to find the conditions I need for a special photograph. Working with a pinhole camera means an immense depth of field, a huge image circle and a long exposure time. All has to be considered. I love this â??slowâ?? photography, being one with nature, engaging in deep introspection, getting movement in the pictures, like the action of water or branches in contrast to non-moving objects to reach more tenseness. I do black and white pinhole photography only, as I think it is more mysterious, more insistent, more quiet and suits the method better than color photography.