The Eternal Garden

PhotographerWendy Farrow
PrizeSilver in Nature / Flowers
Entry Description

This series explores our appreciation of nature in both a brief moment of pause and recognition, and over a lifetime... our own and that of the flower itself. The textures in these images are meant to convey both the transmutation of the flower as it moves through full bloom into decline and beyond, and the emotional energy we experience as we connect with its beauty at all stages, through our senses and through the unseen.

About Photographer

Wendy has had a passion for photography and all art forms most of her life. She has had a camera in her hands since she was 7, and always comes back to photography as the base medium, even after much exploration in other areas of artistic expression. Wendy worked for several years as a freelance web developer before moving to Europe to pursue her dream of working as an artist. While living in Paris in 2002, she took an unexpected interest in sculpture and has since been using her own sculptures in her images. Her skills in the digital realm come from studying at the Vancouver Film School in 1996 where she received an Award of Excellence in the Multimedia programme. Wendy has been showing and selling her work since January 2004 and has received International recognition. She currently resides in Paris.