Entry Title: "Portrait of Tasmanian whisky distiller Peter Bignell"
Peter Whyte Photography
, Australia
Category: Professional, Portraiture

Entry Description:

Portrait of Tasmanian rye whisky distiller, Peter Bignell, for
Scottish single malt whisky magazine Unfiltered.

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About the Artist:

Peter Whyte is an international award winning, Australian based fine art and commercial photographer with particular expertise in architectural, food, editorial, portrait, still life, art and designed objects photography. Since 1983 Peter has been photographing the best of Tasmania’s gourmet food and produce, architecture and industry, extraordinary people and places, punctuated by assignments nationally and internationally including commissions in Italy and New Zealand and The Republic of Kiribati. With a background in graphic design, Peter collaborates on imagery with many graphic designers and art directors. He is in high demand documenting and interpreting the work of many leading Tasmanian object designers and artists. He recently spent 4 years documenting much of the renowned MONA (Museum of Old & New Art) collection in Hobart. View more of Peter's work at: http://peterwhytephotography.com/