ClientHamish Trounson
PhotographerHamish Trounson
PrizeGold in Nature / Domestic Animals
Entry Description

From an on going series "A PUGS LIFE". An interplay on "A Thugs Life".

About Photographer

I live at the beach, no really I do. I pretend to surf, I love skateboarding and I’m quite into snow skiing, well a lot truth be told. I adore top shelf, especially scotch whiskey and fine food, but who doesn't right. I have quite an affinity with animals, and they too with me. A quick history: I studied Visual Arts at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design, Auckland, New Zealand, with a Photography Major. I assisted world renowned photographers from Shaun Pettigrew through to Simon Stock and many in between. I've worked from New York to Queenstown. I was a graphic designer when I lived in Oz and on my return to NZ I gravitated back towards photography. I got a NYC style studio loft in the heart of Wellington, NZ. Found I had a love for animals, so I got a dog, named him King Alfred. Robynne and I bought a house for that dog. Got engaged, had a child and then I pulled off a top tier professional goal. That being accepted into Luerzers Archive Best 200 Photographers Worldwide. Next up a Cannes Lion. Some adjectives of my working style are, Punchy, Bold & Direct. Images that can stop you in your tracks and have you asking "what the?" The style has a Strong use of Color, Shadow, in an Uncluttered Environment with Attitude. Often wrapped up in a touch of Humor. My family : Robynne and adoring 5yr old son Lachlan. There's a cat (Princess Penelope or PP Cat) and up until not so long ago we had a two Berenese Mountain Dogs (King Alfred and Ronnie Bear). They were both taken from us far to early in life and within a year of one another. Cancer. It still hurts, I love my boys,