PhotographerKeiichiro Muramatsu was born in 1972 in Shizuok...
PrizeSilver in Nature / Flowers
Entry Description

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances;  by W. Shakespeare, "As you like it", Act 2, Scene 7 "A STAGE” is made from Iron. Flowers are players. “Flowers” are nature-made. “Iron products” are human- made. “Flowers” that are inserted in “Iron” now play a new role. The relationship created on the stage is one that shines, tells a story and is complementary. Eventually, “Flowers” decay. “Iron” rusts. They return to their natural state. I read the heart of nature continuously, through the act of arranging flowers.

About Photographer

Keiichiro Muramatsu was born in 1972 in Shizuoka, Japan. He attended a Focal Point professional photography course in Vancouver in 2001-2002. After going back to Japan, he established a portrait studio ”The Fourth Avenue Studio” in 2008 in Shizuoka, Japan. He has started to learn “Nageire” (literally, “thrown into”) which is a freer form of flower arrangement, placing innocent wild flowers simply in rough-hewn vessels, from 2013. He also established an atelier for producing his works in 2014.