Hope Evokes

ClientNicolas Lotsos
PhotographerNicolas Lotsos
PrizeSilver in Nature / Earth
Entry Description

The sea ice in the arctic is melting rapidly. Scientific researches shown that every year global warming contributes to the loss of an amount of sea ice that equals 1.5 million icebergs the size of the titanic. Melting icebergs and melting ice caps are altering animals habitat and causing sea levels to rise significantly. Animals are expected to become endangered and rising sea levels are expected to cause flooding and erosion in low-lying, coastal cities. Hope Evokes is part of the project H.E.L.P. which consists of two bodies of work. The coloured “Hope Evokes” and the black&white “Life Prevails” . Each one individually but at the same time in conjunction, work together to bring awareness about the melting ice and H.E.L.P. Color is, for the moments we sailed peacefully in the tranquil arctic waters feeling confident that beauty of such magnitude can not be vanished. At that times we felt Hope has finally Evoked.