Fighting the Transmission of HIV from Mother to Chid in Zimbabwe

PhotographerPhotographer: John Rae, Producer Director: Rosi...
PrizeGold in Advertising / Annual Reports
Entry Description

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria dispenses over $3billion/year to combat the three pandemics. Here a mother in a rural health clinic participates in the Prevention of Mother to Child Program. The photo will be used in the GF Annual Report, Progress Reports and web.

About Photographer

John Rae is a professional documentary and commercial photographer based in NYC. His clients include Fortune 500 companies and leading International Nongovernmental Organizations. For 20 years John has photographed extensively in over 60 countries and those photographs have appeared in major publications in the US, Europe, and Australia. John specializes in photographs of people on location. He knows how difficult it is to produce photographs under demanding circumstances and how rewarding that hard work can be. Through all these experiences, John has become skilled at working with organizations and their clients to produce compelling photographs. His work has won numerous awards and has been exhibited in one person and group shows across the world.