Stars, 2014.

ClientEllie Davies
PhotographerEllie Davies
PrizeGold in Nature / Landscape_N
Entry Description

Stars, 2014. (Source Material Credit: STScI/Hubble & NASA). Stars, 2014 explores my desire to find some balance between a relationship with the wild places of my youth, and a pervasive sense of disconnectedness with the natural world. The Western landscape tradition embodies a pairing that James Elkins calls ‘the subject-object relationship’. Typified by the ‘scenic viewpoint’ or tourist panoramic overlook, we gaze, often through binoculars or telescopes, at wide vistas and dramatic seascapes, awed and overwhelmed. But this landscape experience often alienates the viewer from the scene and, just as the landscape itself becomes an object, a separation arises between them. Today the majority of people live in urban or semi-urban environments, experiencing the landscape from a distanced position mediated through various media and technology. From this viewpoint the notion of the landscape in all its sensuous materiality, our being within it rather than outside it, seems beyond reach. Stars, 2014 addresses this distancing by drawing the viewer right into the heart of a forest which still holds mystery, and offers the potential for discovery and exploration. The series considers the fragility of our relationship with the natural world, and the temporal and finite nature of landscape as a human construct. Mature and ancient forest landscapes are interposed with images of the Milky Way, Omega Centauri, the Norma Galaxy and Embryonic stars in the Nebula NGC 346 captured by the Hubble Telescope. Each image links forest landscapes with the intangible and unknown universe creating a juxtaposition that reflects my personal experiences of the forest; its physicality and tactility set against a profound and fundamental otherness, an alienation that separates us from a truly immersive relationship with the natural world.

About Photographer

BIOGRAPHY Ellie Davies currently lives and works in London. She gained an MA in Photography at London College of Communication. Her work has been exhibited in the UK and internationally. Recent exhibitions include Sight, Unseen at Photofusion Gallery, London, ArtSway Open 09 at ArtSway Gallery, New Forest, Salon 09 at Four Corners Gallery, London, Out of Space at Photospace Gallery, London, Photomonth Open 09 at The Old Truman Brewery, London, Crossings at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester, New Visionaries 09 â?? New York Photo Awards at The Tobacco Warehouse, New York, New Landscape at Crane Kalman Gallery, Brighton, and Beautiful Landscapes at The Bedfordbury Gallery, London. Forthcoming Exhibitions include Boom Come the Houses, Bust comes the Art at The Reclamation Gallery in Dayton, Ohio from1st June 2010, Brighton Biennial at BlueDog Gallery, Brighton 3rd â?? 3oth October 2010, and Light and Landscape at The New Forest Gallery, New Forest from 27th Nov 2010. She has recently been awarded The New Brewery Arts Open Public Choice Award 2009, The Charmain Adams Award 2009, The International Photography Awards 2009 - Official Selection, The Paris Photo Prize 2009: Honourable mention, The New York Photo Awards 2008: Honourable Mention. Her work has recently been published in The London Independent Photography Magazine: Summer 09 â?? interview and cover image, and her work is featured in their online Artist Showcase. She was selected as Jotta Featured Artist and Axis Curatorâ??s Choice in May 09, and her work is currently represented by Murmur Art, London.