Curious Cows

PhotographerJesper Anhede
PrizeBronze in Nature / Domestic Animals
Entry Description

At Almnäs, our dream is to revive Swedish artisanal cheese-making at the highest level and introduce it to the world. Our organic, heritage cheese - we own the oldest, registered cheese brand in Sweden - is an integral part of our estate’s 800-year history. We have been making cheese at Almnäs for centuries and we are proud to continue that legacy, offering customers an authentic, cultural experience every time they taste our cheeses: Almnäs Brick, Wrångebäck, Anno 1225, and Almnäs 1 Liter. Part of that heritage is a commitment to building our business on ethical, environmental, and aesthetic principles. We make our cheese by hand with a passionate focus on quality and authentic workmanship. We use our organic milk from cows we have raised to graze in our own pastures. The texture and flavour of the cheese we produce at Almnäs reflects the close connection we have with the land and the seasonal whims of nature: the fat and protein content of milk produced during a Swedish summer when the cows are grazing in the fields will differ from that produced when they’re staying warm inside our barns during the winter. But thanks to the combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship and high-tech equipment, we take all the variables of making great cheese - milk, bacteria, heat, salt, finishing, and aging to produce consistently delicious cheese.