No Place Like Home

PhotographerWout Overkamp
Prize1st Place in Fine Art
Entry Description

The series No Place Like Home, is an X-ray view of the modern human life, exposing its (dis)connection with nature. This project sprouted from my fascination and discontent with modern human life and our accustomization to the comforts of it. Wealth has never been as high as in present times, while the condition of the earth has become more critical. In our safe homes we have everything we desire, but we do not see – or choose not to see – the impact our lifestyle has on the environment. Don't we forget what our real home is? Are we still connected to nature and thus ourselves? The photographed individuals are living their everyday life, occupied with themselves and unaware of the beauty surrounding them. My goal was to capture contrast and harmony in a single photo, as a metaphor for the present position of humans. With technology we have distantiated ourselves from nature, but that won’t stop us from being a part of the circle of life as living organisms. The things we assume to be normal can become abnormal when we change our perspective. By changing the context around the photographed individuals I hope to question ‘the normal’. By substituting the home environment I want to make people look with new eyes and think about their lifestyle. Much of our behavior is considered to be normal, but could also be observed as absurd, depending on the perspective. To get to the locations where the models were photographed, sometimes hour-long hikes were required, making the creation of this series a way to connect with nature and myself, too.