PhotographerCatherine Armand
PrizeGold in Fine Art / Abstract
Entry Description

This work is a reflection on the accelerated pace of modern life in which there isn't time for anything. The whole world and everything in it is speeding up. This acceleration seems to be linked to modern technologies, to the globalization and to the pressure that the human being applies upon itself or others to profit and maximize each and every second of the day. Instant achievement rules. However, time itself hasnít changed; there is still 24 hours in a day. It has become more and more difficult to stay still as constant emotional stimulus is incited. But, is all that running necessary ? From the moment the alarm clock rings in the morning, a race against time begins, a counter clock present all day which stress will diminish as time to rest approaches. And this happens day after day, like a wheel which rotates and initiates the inevitable infernal countdown frenetic pace of a new day that is just beginning, apparently, like any other normal day. The circular shape expresses the wheel of time that rotates endlessly. The unchanging over time marked by the movement of the planets is recreated by the landscape. The body in movement reflects the accelerated pace of modern society.