PhotographerJohn Kosmopoulos
PrizeBronze in Fine Art / Other_FA
Entry Description

Ideality" is a series of architectural photos of the Agora, Velodrome and Katehaki Bridge that were envisioned and realized by Santiago Calatrava, world-renowned architect, for the 2004 Olympics in Athens. I wanted to capture the simple sophistication and splendour of these masterpieces in my own way using archistract and archipano compositions while utilizing long exposure and conventional techniques to capture the essence, spirit, and my ideal and integral vision of this scene as a photographer.

About Photographer

John Kosmopoulos is a multiple international award-winning photographer who specializes in architecture, abstract, long exposure, and minimalist black and white fine art photography. His fine art photography has been featured in international publications, galleries, billboards, and books. He espouses an "eclectic aesthethic fine art" philosophy and a psychology of photography that he refers to as "vision drawing (oramagraphy)". He has written several treatises on practical fine art photography and conducts workshops throughout the world. Website: