Vision Drawings (Oramagraphy)

PhotographerJohn Kosmopoulos
Entry Description

“Vision Drawing (Oramagraphy)” is a term I coined for a psychology of photography and a new way to consider the art of photography. What you do when you take a photograph with your camera is photography (light drawing); what you do before, during, and after you make the photograph is oramagraphy (vision drawing). The camera is a tool to conceptualize and contextualize your vision drawings by bridging your "physical vision" (central, peripheral) and "psychological vision" (metaphorical, symbolic) to achieve your "photographic vision". To exemplify this concept, I have offered a series of thematic architectural photographs of buildings in Toronto, Chicago and Berlin.

About Photographer

John Kosmopoulos is a multiple international award-winning photographer who specializes in architecture, abstract, long exposure, and minimalist black and white fine art photography. His fine art photography has been featured in international publications, galleries, billboards, and books. He espouses an "eclectic aesthethic fine art" philosophy and a psychology of photography that he refers to as "vision drawing (oramagraphy)". He has written several treatises on practical fine art photography and conducts workshops throughout the world. Website: