Somthing Else

PhotographerYi Wei
PrizeBronze in Fine Art / Abstract
Entry Description

Instead of reproducing the image of an object to produce an artwork, the series < Something Else > reverse the relationship between the artwork and the object. These artworks by definition are photos of decaying wall textures in the city, but their object quality were abstracted and re-assembled to produce a scape that could be interpreted as something, and anything else. All the walls in the series were located in the historical part of the city around Wan Chai, Central, and Sheung Wan area. Due to the urban regeneration the existing atmosphere is changing. attempted to record the aesthetic of the decaying urban environment before its regeneration and explore the ‘third way’ other than rebuilding or ignoring it. A series of shots of the wall were made with 50mm lens. In the progress of making these images I switch constantly between an photographer who keeps a minimum intervention at the object, and that of an artist who observe the textural composition of the object (the wall) and re-interpret it by different ways of framing. The ultimate goal is to liberate the objects from its original definition, and context; and to force the otherwise compromised confrontation between them and the audiences.