CreditsThomas Leong Choon Hoong
PhotographerThomas Leong Choon Hoong
PrizeSilver in Fine Art / Landscape
Entry Description

Image were taken above Macau Tower observation tower capturing the intersection of Ponte de Sai Van [Sai Van Bridge] connecting Taipa Island to Macau Peninsula

About Photographer

Genre of my photography interest mainly in minimalistic landscape black and white photography with using long exposure techniques. With the technique and camera's ability to perpetuate time through long exposures, I can realize what our world would looks like based on a longer time scale, a process to reveal the hidden world layer by layer and uncovering the unnoticeable moments that was not visually experienced by the naked eyed. Combining the shape of our perception towards the environment that able provoke an emotion of the captured scene. Lastly, I am born and raised in Ipoh, Malaysia but as for current, permanently residing in Singapore with my very supportive wife and 2 children.