PhotographerGoto Michitake (Born in. 1979) is a freelance p...
PrizeSilver in Press / Performing Arts
Entry Description

It is said that Thai society is the most accepting of the LGBT lifestyle in the world. Even if you go to the countryside, you see a lot of men dressed as women, and Cabaret shows are popular among tourists in sightseeing spots. Dancers are seen with the eyes of the curious on the stage, but behind the scenes they are attractive and are full of humanity. Dancers behave more grace and elegantly than woman, practiced the dancers eagerly, and cooperate on the stage for 90 minutes, I watched these scenes through a finder from the backstage of the cabaret in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

About Photographer

Goto Michitake (Born in. 1979) is a freelance photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. Goto studied photography at the Art University and worked in a Design Company in Tokyo.