PhotographerAdam Biernat
PrizeSilver in Fine Art / Architecture_FA
Entry Description

The series 'Surroundings' investigates not only architecture but also photography in its purest. In all of the photographs Mies van der Rohe’s ‘less is more’ tinkles. These pictures analyse basic relations between shapes and forms, light and shade. As light plays here a crucial role, this series tries to grasp the essence of photography. Architecture is observed from a distance and from a much closer view, in each case it is taken out of its context. There is a lot of mystery, not to say metaphysics in the s u r r o u n d i n g s.

About Photographer

Adam Biernat (b. 1985) is a starting out fine art photographer based in Gdynia, Poland. He is self-taught and began to photograph only recently, exactly in 2013. He studied architecture (Gdansk University of Technology) and history of art (Gdansk University). His major accomplishments include second prize in Prix de la Photographie Paris 2014 and being a finalist in 2nd Triennale of Pomeranian Art. In his work, he focuses on seemingly insignificant, negligible moments/objects/places. He closely observes the mundane. With his camera he always tries to look beyond the surface and beyond the literal, to dig into reality and in a way reveal the hidden. Silence intrigues him. His images are full of semi-whisper, contemplative qualities. They are definitely closer to a subtle piano sonata than to a grand symphonic piece. What interests him most, is confronting the descriptive precision of the medium with the intangible. Adam is an avid traveler. Because of his fascination with faraway places in the north, he has lived for some time in Norwegian Lapland and Iceland. He shares his enthusiasm for Iceland on a blog Bite of Iceland (, which he co-runs. Apart from the far north, he is strongly attracted to Asia and the eastern fringes of Europe. Although travelling inspires him a lot, he is not the one who has to go miles away to photograph. In fact, he loves working in his own backyard as well.