Entry Title: "Chicago - My Gotham"
Kris Vockler
, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Fine Art

Entry Description:

To me, Chicago is Gotham. Dark, old, new, all together in one. Combining long exposure and geometric shapes, Chicago is the Gotham of my mind's eye.

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About the Artist:

Businesswoman | traveler | blogger | writer | entrepreneur | philosopher | mother | gamer | photographer | philanthropist | and, when I get a chance a fly-fisher. Kris Currently lives outside Portland, Oregon, with her young son, Golden Retriever , and webbed feet from all the rain. CEO @ ICD High Performance Coatings, where I get to run a fantastic company that makes great specialty coatings. I believe more fun should be had, life should be simpler; people should show love and compassion to each other.