Entry Title: "In Search Of Spring"
Roberta Murray uncommondepth.com
, Canada
Category: Professional, Book (Series Only)

Entry Description:

While most of the world worries that climate change is causing
warming, here the results seem to be the opposite. Winter often
starts in October and is never really over until May. For those that
can afford it a winter vacation provides a much needed respite. For
those that can't all they can do is dream of spring.

In Search Of Spring is a series of impressionist photographs of a
journey to find spring. Just when you think it's impossible, the
land thaws and the birds return. Spring is found.

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About the Artist:

Roberta Murray approaches photography much the same as the Pictorialist photographers of the late 1800's early 1900's, to tell a more personal, interpretative story. Art, in one form or another has always played a big part in Roberta's life. After studying photography in the late 1980's, Roberta abandoned the medium to pursue the fibre arts while living and working on a farm raising sheep and goats. It was her work in the fibre arts that lead her to develop her unique style of photography by adopting the same principals of colour, texture and depth used in textiles.