15 Coats of Skin

CompanyGeorge Angelovski
PhotographerUntitled Images from the 15 Coats of Skin serie...
PrizeGold in Advertising / Fashion
Entry Description

Inspired by the Dutch painter and late 70's fashion accessories, not only entails voyeurism, but also denudates human capacity to correct and provoke most unthinkable actions. Works of Hieronymus Bosch create curious and unpredictable universe of spying into man's stupidity and greed. Several months ago I begun an introspection that has since transpired into a creative space filled with intoxicating air of liberty, abundant nude figures, satirical meanings, fantastic punishments and naïve sexuality towards nature, and establish masculine world of dreams with nightmares.

About Photographer

photographer Based in melBourne george angelovski 1974. AU