Somali Famine

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Doolow in southern Somalia is on the frontline of an Islamic insurgency and famine now facing the Bakool and Shabelle Districts of Somalia, considered to be one of the most lawless nations on earth. Here staggering across harsh desert with meager supplies, women and children flee on foot, walking for up to twenty days toward the Ethiopian border where camps are overflowing with the victims of the first famine of the 21st century.

About Photographer

Giulio di Sturco is a 30-year-old Italian photographer currently dividing his time between Milan and New Delhi. He studied photography at the European Institute of Design and Visual Arts in Rome, and has covered North-American and the South-East Asia issues for many magazines such as L'espresso magazine, Vanity fair, Io Donna, The Daily Telegraph magazine, Time magazine, MarieClaire, geo magazine,The Sunday Times Magazine, Neewsweek Since 2008 he start a closer collaboration with some of the most important international organization such as Greenpeace, MSF, Unitaid, United Nations, WHO and Action Aid. In April 2009 Giulio Joined the VII MENTOR PROGRAM.