Thin White Line

PhotographerJoolze Dymond
PrizeGold in Press / Sports
About Photographer

A life time of involvement with cycling, plus a passion for photography shaped my career path from an early age. At the tender age of 15 I got my first â??properâ?? bike and embarked on a lifelong romance with the sport, both as a competitor & spectator. Around the same time I was introduced to photography and spent my teenage years either whizzing around on my bike or in the darkroom experimenting and developing (excuse the pun) my other passion, photography. As always in life my path took a few twists and turns along the way. I did design at uni, followed by an MA. Very soon after graduating I went to work in my local bike shop, just to clear my uni debts and well the rest they say is history! I stayed longer than anticipated, mountain bikes came along and I threw myself headlong into the fun and freedom they encapsulated, riding at every possibly moment and fully immersing myself in training and racing. Back in 2001 I took the decision to get back to my roots so to speak and once more picked up a camera and launched myself into the daunting world of freelance photography and journalism. Iâ??m still discovering new and exciting ways to portray the feeling that the sport of cycling gives me, both in my written work and my photography. Iâ??m constantly striving to improve my images, which means a lot of work, experimenting, figuring things out, composing, investing and why, because I love it...