Tsunami Survivor Greives Loss

CompanyThe Yomiuri Shimbun
PhotographerHiroto Sekiguchi
PrizeGold in Press / Nature/Environmental
Entry Description

Yoshikatsu Hiratsuka, 66, breaks down and grieves by rubble that the body of his mother, Minori, 93, is still buried 6 days after tsunami devastated the area in Onagawa, Miyagi Pref. Yoshikatsu and his mother was together when tsunami clashed their home, swallowed them. He survived but not his mother. Yoshikatsu keeps saying out "Sorry for keeping you left here, Sorry...Sorry" as body of his wife, Hiroko, 61, is also laid on frozen ground beside of the wreckage where Minori is still buried. His son Masaru, 38, still remains undiscovered.

About Photographer

Hiroto grew up in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and started his career as a photographer in 2007. He joined Staff Photographer of The Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan. Hiroto has been honored with several awards, Konica Minolta Plaza FOTOPREMIO 2010 Special Award, Yonhap International Press Photo Awards 2011 Gold Prize, International Photography Awards 2011 Honorable Mention, Pictures of the Year International Impact 2011 Japan Earthquake Second Place, News Picture Story-Newspaper Third Place. His photos have also been exhibited in various galleries and international photo festivals, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Old Seoul Station Museum Koria, UN Headquaters New York, Fovea Exhibitions New York, Visa Pour l�image, Perpignan France 2011.