The Libyan Uprising

PhotographerNicole Tung
PrizeSilver in Press / War
Entry Description

A series of photographs documenting the Libyan revolution and war from February to October 2011 as civilians-turned-rebel fighters rose up to fight and topple dictator Muammar el Gaddafi.

About Photographer

Nicole Tung (b. 1986) is a freelance photographer born and raised in Hong Kong. She graduated from New York University in 2009 after studying journalism and history and currently freelances for clients including The New York Times, The Sunday Times, Human Rights Watch, and The Wall Street Journal. Her work has also appeared in Vogue (UK), The Telegraph, The Global Post and other international publications. She has traveled to Bosnia and Kosovo to examine post-war reconstruction, the Thai-Burma border, Pakistan, Xinjiang in China, and has most recently covered the revolutions in Egypt and Libya, and continues documenting the Arab uprisings in 2012. Her work has been recognized and awarded by the International Photography Awards, The Maybach Foundation, Women in Photojournalism, the Hearst Foundation, the NYPPA and other organizations. She has been a part of two group exhibitions; one showcasing the documentation of the World Trade Center, and another featuring work from Kashgar with Sombra Projects at the New York Photo Festival 2010. Her work from Libya was part of group slideshows at the Prix Bayeux Photo Festival in France, and the Bursa Photo Festival in Turkey both in October 2011.