Entry Title: "Greece in Crisis"
Angelos Tzortzinis
, Greece
Category: Professional, Press

Entry Description:

During the last two years, Greece has been in the eye of this global economical storm. The immense Greek debt led the government to take immediate and cruel austerity measures targeting mostly the working middle class. Violence made its appearance in numerous protests in the Greek capital of Athens marked by clashes with riot police and left hundreds injured. This social unrest does not seem to calm down as there are no signs of a clear and optimistic future for the country and its people.

About the Artist:

Angelos Tzortzinis was born in Athens, Greece, in 1984. He studied at Leica academy creative photography. Simultaneously, with the completion of his studies, he was selected by the competition Young Greek photography 2007 and also he has been awarded with POYi 67 General News, PDN photo annual 2010, Honorable Mentions Px3 and IPA International awards 2010. A freelance professional photographer, Angelos Tzortzinis was associated with the French Press Agency (AFP) in Greece (2007-2010). Nowadays, he works for the local magazines in Greece, having carried out assignments from Time magazine, Newsweek, International Herald Tribune ,The New York Times He lives and works in Athens.