Faith & Belief

CompanyEthan Knight
PhotographerEthan Knight
PrizeBronze in Press / Other_PJ
Entry Description

This series of images depicts observed faith and religious customs from various places around the Middle-East including Palestine and Israel. These images were shot between 2004 and 2012.

About Photographer

In my photographic work I strive to convey the sense of human equality, both as a metaphorical and literal interpretation. Although abstract and rarely advocated, equality exists when humans are faced with challenging or devastating situations, such as when the security and material comforts of modern life are no longer accessible or important. During times of adversity, it is highly apparent that people from all social backgrounds become equal, and this is an aspect of life I aim to portray through my images. Since 2004, I have covered various humanitarian crises including the aftermath of the Pacific tsunami in Western Samoa, and the post civil war effects in Sierra Leone and Northern Sri Lanka. Through choosing such topics as the subject of my photography, I am stretched both as a photographer and as an individual. I strive to remain impartial throughout the process and continually try to produce images that depict the basic human need for food, water, shelter and love. In many parts of the world those needs are rarely met. I seek to emphasize this through my work, and to offer the viewer a means of self-reflection and the opportunity to expand both mentally and emotionally. In my work lies a passion for helping people to ‘tell their stories’. It is my intention to tell stories, not only of disaster or crisis, but also stories that address other factors of life that have a huge impact on the development of our society. This includes long-term projects on Slum dwellers in Africa, and faith and religious customs of various ethnicities. Overall, it is my desire for the images I capture to reveal a stripped down view of human life and to provide a visual reference of events that have shaped our society. Ethan Knight.